Why We Are Different

We combine cutting-edge academic expertise with award-winning executive teaching. We believe in not simply working with an organization to develop a strategy or conduct research and stopping there; rather, we take pride in working with an organization to develop the skills in-house so that future needs can be addressed from within the organization.

We take issue with the standard consulting practice of coming into an organization and developing a strategy or conducting research that is then implemented, often in a top-down fashion, with the intent of coming back to “refresh” previous work. We also take issue with executive development firms and universities that teach tools, methodologies and strategies, but stop well short of implementation. We customize every aspect of what we deliver for the needs of the organization and focus on how what is delivered can be implemented within the organization in a way that impacts the bottom line.

As a result, we use over 20 years of consulting and executive education experience with Fortune 500 companies throughout the world and state-of-the-art academic expertise to work with organizations to develop strategies as well as conduct skill development sessions that build the requisite skills in–house. We believe that this is not only cost-effective, but empowers corporate staff to think independently and strategically and to develop as well as implement strategy. Investing in internal skills and empowering internal staff with the skill set to develop what they implement is essential to “buy-in” and to motivate.

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