What We Do

We provide best practices strategic consulting, premier quality executive development and corporate education on strategy and marketing as well as state-of-the-art marketing research to the corporate client wanting bottom-line results.

We accomplish this through state-of-the art academic thinking and a series of partnerships comprised of some of the leading consultants and researchers in the world. Our objective is not to simply tell a client what they want to hear, but to provide the best of a select set of consulting services for organizations that require real results and ensure that the skills are developed in-house so that future needs can be addressed from within the organization.

We have offices in the United States and have partnerships that span a good portion of the world. Our philosophy entails developing internal skills rather than dictating strategy from the outside-in. Power To Do is more than a slogan, it represents the approach we take to every client.

507 Meadowmont Lane, Chapel Hill, NC 27517